Wicanders Power Polish

by Wicanders

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  • Power polish

    Wicanders Power Polish is a long-term maintenance product for the care of Wicanders Floors with HPS, WRT and PU acrylate UV. It is easy to apply and provides a protective coating.


    • Size: Power Polish is sold in 1L containers
    • Application: By short hair mop/wax applicator (Ex. LOBATOOL)
    • Coverage: 3L will cover approximately 1000 sq.ft., depending on application rate


    Power Polish Instructions:

    • Make sure the floor is clean and dry; clean it with Wicanders® Soft Cleaner; a basic clean is recommended for Corkcomfort Floating WRT & HPS
    • Apply one coat of Power Polish evenly, using a soft mop application tool. 3L will cover approximately 1000 sq.ft.
    • Let the floor dry completely (about 30 minutes); do not polish after using the maintenance products
    • Clean all tools with water, immediately after use
    • The frequency of maintenance depends on the traffic and on the floor visual aspect