WOCA Patina Discs for Oil Application 6 Pack


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For making a one-coat application

There are 6 discs in a pack and each disc is 150mm in diameter with a Velcro back

Application area - With the introduction of the green WOCA Patina Discs, WOCA presents a new revolutionary way of oiling floors. By using the WOCA Patina Discs it is now possible to make a one-coat application of the floor. The surface is saturated immediately, becomes hard-wearing, silky smooth, and easy to maintain.

Result - The floor is well saturated, feels soft, dries quickly and has a silky-mat gloss. In order to achieve this result, we recommend using WOCA High Solid Master Oil, natural or white. The oil has a low content of solvent and fills the grains of the wood excellently. This guarantees a hard-wearing surface.