WOCA Maintenance Kit for Laminated & Lacquered Floors


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WOCA Maintenace Box for PVC, Laminated & Lacquered Surfaces contains everything you need to clean and to rejuvenate your lacquered floor, is made for all lacquered surfaces and is especially suitable for the regular maintenance. WOCA Maintenance Box for Lacquered Floors strengthens the lacquer as it protects against wear and scratches and hereby prolongs the lifetime of the lacquered surface and does not build up a thick layer on the floor surface as the old layer is renewed with the next application.

Kit Contains:
  • 1L Woca Wood Cleaner
  • 1L Woca Vinyl & Lacquer Care
  • 1L Woca Vinyl & Lacquer Soap
  • 1 x Woca Lint Free Cloths