WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner


Woca Intensive Wood Cleaner may be used for cleaning of lye treated, soaped, and oiled as well as lacquered surfaces. Furthermore, it is well suited for cleaning of unfinished wall- and ceiling panels, furniture etc.

How to apply

Unfinished and soap finished woodwork
1. 150 ml Wood Cleaner is mixed into 5l lukewarm water. Leave solution on surface to dissolve dirt if necessary. 2. Scrub with brush or pad manually or with floor machine if very dirty. Wipe clean with mop or cloth. 3. Repeat cleaning if extremely dirty. 4. If used on soaped surfaces, the protective soap shield is removed. Therefore, use Natural Soap as second step, when woodwork is completely dry.

Oiled woodwork and parquet floors
1. 150 ml Wood Cleaner is mixed into 5 l lukewarm water. Clean floor – leave solution on the floor briefly in order to dissolve dirt. 2. Scrub with brush or pad manually or with floor machine if very dirty. Wipe clean with mop or cloth. Repeat if floor is extremely dirty. 3. In areas with little wear, clean with Natural Soap. This brings back protective soap film against dirt. 4. In areas with more wear, it is recommended to maintain with Maintenance Paste/Oil.

Furniture, panels – lacquered, painted or otherwise finished
1. Mix 100 ml Wood Cleaner into 5 l of lukewarm water. Wipe surface with solution with hard-wrung cloth. Always wipe a second time to minimize the exposure to water of surface. Repeat operation if necessary. Please note: Don't use microfiber.

Tip: Always work with two buckets – one with Wood Cleaner mixed with water and one with rinse clear water.

Delivery Information

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